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Rute Fernandes 

Chief Executive Officer

Hi, my name is Rute Fernandes, I have Born in Portugal in 1976, in a beautiful village named Cascais. I married in 1995 with a Lovely and Wonderful Men, together we have blessed with 3 wonderful daughters, Jessica was born in the year of 1996, Nadia in 1998 both in Portugal and Luana was born in the UK, London in the year of 2009.

I started with weight problems after my first baby, when I gain 20 Kilos, was a very difficult pregnancy and the first 3 months I had to stay in bed, (previously I had 3 miscarriage)Gaining more and more weight. 

After the second baby I started with pain in all my body, one day pain in one side, another day in a different side... taking a lot of painkillers and without any diagnose, was a very frustrating situation, as I did plenty of medical exames and nothing was unwell, everything normal! That leads to a depression, how I have so much pain and it's everything ok? So no-one believes me? So I'm crazy? Is it all fake? 

All those kind of souths pass by my head for years, 15 years ago the doctors gave me a name for my pain... FRIBROMIALGY, in fact, was a relief to have a name to call my pain, I was medicated with antidepressants, painkillers, muscle relaxants and I was going down and down with somach medicines, I decided to do something about that, I always consider myself as a figther so I can't deal with Me not being the real ME!

 I have Started with a Herbal Medicine course and applying it myself and I have improved,  after that I decided to go deeper and I graduated in Aromatherapy, Massage therapist, Nutrition and even Reiki, I decided that I want to be healthy and in control of my body and my mind to be the best wife, mother and woman I choosed to be. 

After that journey I starting to add exercise in my live, and that gave me the real meaning of balance, so I did my first fitness course "Zumba instructor", after that I decided to become a Personal Trainer and a Fitness instructor, Pilates instructor, to give the others the opportunity that I have, the opportunity to regain our health with a balanced live, good nutrition, exercise, complementary therapies and reducing of chemical substances. My recenntly qualification was Level 4 GP exercise referrel especialist in Diabetes and Obesity.